Harry Potter-inspired Minecraft map could be a standalone video game

In a nutshell: The problem? The map isn’t openly available yet although we are informed it is coming soon (by the end of January). Hopefully, it’ll make it out and have a long time to propagate prior to any legal actions from Pottermore or Warner Bros. concern fruition.

Minecraft is probably the most excellent sandbox of the contemporary age and thanks to the resourcefulness of the modding neighborhood, it’s a gift that just keeps on offering more than a decade in.

A little group of trainees have actually prohibited together to craft an in-game Harry Potter-themed RPG map that seeks to have adequate compound to quality as a standalone experience. And that annoounces.com could spell problem for the aspiring job should attorneys take action on copyright grounds.

In the meantime, nevertheless, the Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a vast experience paying for quests that can be played solo or with pals. Fix puzzles, scavenge for materials, trade goods in Diagon Alley or simply explore Hogwarts and its grounds to see what the map has to offer … it’s all waiting.

The small team behind the map, called The Floo Network, has collectively been dealing with the mod for around seven years. They have developed a Patreon page for those thinking about backing the job.