Maybe you’ve never thought about getting health insurance, or maybe you’re tired of paying a high premium for your policy with coverage you want to change. The truth is that the health insurance market is changing and is making an increasingly large gap in our society.

Whatever your situation, we have consulted, a portal specialising in health insurance, and they offer us some recommendations for taking out good health insurance. Let’s see what these tips are.

How to choose a good health insurance?

Be careful with the small print: sometimes insurance companies offer very advantageous promotions and offers to take out new insurance (first months free, instalment payments, etc.). However, you must read the small print to know what the final conditions will be once the promotion is over. Check if there will be price increases, if there is a cost for cancelling the policy and what the coverage will be when the offer runs out.

Compare several offers before taking out a policy: however much you may be attracted by the offer of a particular insurance company, the best thing to do is to compare several companies before taking out the insurance. Invest time in comparing the coverage of each one, as this is the only way to check if the price they offer is adequate.

Evaluate some factors that can make your policy cheaper: your personal and work situation (companies and self-employed people can deduct part or all of the cost of the premium); the possibility of including more people in the same health insurance or your geographical location are factors that determine the final price of the insurance, so it is advisable to take them into account when choosing.

Take into account waiting periods: these are periods of time during which you are not covered by the insurance. They usually vary from a few days to a few months. In this way, the insurance companies avoid the client using the contracted services for a surgical intervention or a short term treatment. The most obvious case is that of childbirth: generally, insurance companies do not cover childbirth until a ten-month waiting period has elapsed. Be clear about this condition before contracting so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises later on.

Get advice from a specialist consultant: if you have never had health insurance before, starting to find out about conditions, prices, cover and other factors can be tiresome and time-consuming. Consulting a specialist health insurance advisor will save you time and headaches.

Who can take out health insurance?

Although you might think that health insurance is aimed at the elderly, the truth is that more and more young people are taking out this type of policy. In fact, according to UNESPA data, 1 in 5 people in Spain has health insurance. Moreover, the largest group is that of people between 18 and 45 years old, with about 21% of the population.

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These figures also contradict another recurrent idea about health insurance: it is not only for the rich. Many people think that private health policies are for people with a lot of purchasing power, but taking into account the above data, it can be said that the profile of the people who take out these policies is very diverse.

Moreover, always with a previous medical examination, the insurers cover increasingly wide age ranges and in very diverse situations. They also offer offers to include several family members in the same insurance, lowering the cost of insuring all of them separately.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when taking out health insurance. We hope that the recommendations offered by the specialized portal have helped you to clear up some doubts.